ePTFE Cable Film with Low Dielectric Coinstant for Coaxial Cables

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JINYOU PTFE Cable Film Feature

● Excellent Chemical Resistance from PH0-PH14

● UV Resistance

● Excellent wires & cables insulation

● Non-aging  

JINYOU Strength

● Unsintered PTFE film

● High-density PTFE microporous cable film is widely used in aerospace, aviation electronic countermeasures, radar and other fields as insulation layer. 


JINYOU Advantage

●Our PTFE films for cable resistance and insulation have excellent dielectric strength to ensure reliable performance and protection for your wires and cables. With their excellent electrical insulating properties, our high dielectric strength PTFE cable wire and cable insulations are ideal for high performance applications requiring superior electrical insulation.

●Our PTFE cables and films for wire and cable insulation have excellent tensile strength, elongation and tear resistance, making them a highly durable and reliable solution for your cable insulation requirements. This expanded PTFE cable membrane has excellent sealing capabilities and is ideal for cable harness and assembly applications.

●Our ePTFE cable tapes and ePTFE tapes for wire and cable offer strong yet flexible options for insulation, while our ePTFE cable insulation tapes provide superior moisture protection and chemical resistance to ensure optimum performance and protection even in the harshest conditions.

JINYOU Low Density PTFE Film Strength

● Expanded micro-porous structure

● Extremely low dielectric constant

● Low density PTFE cable film can be used as wrapped insulation layer for RF cable and microwave telecommunication cables. JINYOU microporous cable film is used as wire insulation layer, characterized by its thin thickness, light structure, high temperature resistance, good flexibility, good shielding performance, low attenuation and low coefficient of thermal expansion. Therefore, JINYOU low density ePTFE flim is an ideal material to restore signals in composite insulation.


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