PTFE Medical Materials with FDA & EN10 Certificate

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PTFE medical products have been widely used in the medical industry for several decades due to their unique properties. PTFE is biocompatible, non-stick, and resistant to chemicals and high temperatures, making it ideal for use in medical implants and devices.

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PTFE Dental Floss

PTFE floss is a type of dental floss that has gained popularity in recent years due to its unique properties. PTFE floss can slide easily between teeth without getting caught or frayed. This type of floss is also resistant to shredding, making it a durable option for those with tight spaces between their teeth.

PTFE floss is a unique and effective option for maintaining good oral hygiene. Its non-stick properties and durability make it a popular choice for individuals with sensitive gums, tight spaces between teeth, or dental appliances. 

PTFE Membrane in Iv Infusion Set

With a unique pore structure, JINYOU PTFE membrane is an excellent filter material for IV infusion sets due to its unique properties such as high filtration efficiency, biocompatibility and ease of sterilization. This means that it can effectively remove bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants while continuously equalizing differences in pressure between the inside of the bottle and the outdoor environment. This truly achieve the goal of safety and sterility.


PTFE Surgical Suture

JINYOU PTFE surgical sutures are a unique and valuable tool in the field of surgery. The strength, low friction, and resistance to chemicals and heat make them an ideal choice for many surgical procedures. 


JINYOU iTEX® for Surgical Gown

JINYOU iTEX® PTFE membranes are thin, microporous membrane that are highly breathable and waterproof. The use of JINYOU iTEX® PTFE membrane in surgical gowns has several advantages over traditional materials.

Firstly, JINYOU iTEX® provide superior protection against liquid penetration, which is crucial in preventing the transmission of infectious agents. Secondly, PTFE membranes are highly breathable, which reduces the risk of heat stress and discomfort for healthcare workers during long surgical procedures.

Finally, JINYOU iTEX® are lightweight and flexible, which allows for ease of movement and comfort for the wearer. Furthermore, JINYOU iTEX® are recyclable, which reduces waste and promotes sustainability.


Medical Grade Mask

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Medical Grade Mask2

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