JINYOU Attended Filtech to Introduce Innovative Filtration Solutions

Filtech, the world's largest filtration and separation event, was successfully held in Cologne, Germany on Feb. 14-16, 2023. It brought together industry experts, scientists, researchers and engineers from all over the world and provided them with a remarkable platform to discuss and share the latest developments, trends and innovations in the field of filtration and separation.

Jinyou, being a leading manufacturer of PTFE and PTFE derivatives in China, has been actively participating in such events for decades to introduce the most innovative filtration solutions to the world as well as absorb the latest information from industries. This time, Jinyou showcased its PTFE-membraned filter cartridges, PTFE laminated filter media and other featured products. Jinyou’s uniquely designed filter cartridges with HEPA-grade high-efficiency filter paper not only reach 99.97% filtration efficiency at MPPS but also lower pressure drop and hence reduce energy consumption. Jinyou exhibited the customizable membrane filter media as well, which fulfill various needs of different customers.

Besides, Jinyou appreciates the informative opportunity to get networked with other pioneering businesses in the field of environmental protection. We shared the most recent information and concepts on topics of sustainability and energy saving through in-depth seminars and discussions. In view of PFAS’s lasting damage to the environment, Jinyou initiates a joint program with international partners to eliminate PFAS during the manufacture and application of PTFE products. Jinyou is also devoted to further research and development in the field of low-resistance filter media as a better response to the currently unstable energy market.

Jinyou is excited about the enlightening and insightful event of Filtech 2023. Dedicated to the cause of environmental protection, Jinyou will continuously provide the world with reliable and cost-effective filtration solutions with Jinyou’s innovative R&D team and capable supply chain.

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Post time: Feb-17-2023