JINYOU Honored with Two New Awards

Actions are driven by philosophies, and JINYOU is a prime example of this. JINYOU pursues a philosophy that development must be innovative, coordinated, green, open, and shared. This philosophy has been the driving force behind JINYOU's success in the PTFE industry. 

JINYOU's commitment to innovation is evident from the very beginning of its establishment. The company boasts a professional R&D team led by a group of senior engineers who have been deeply engaged in the research of fluorine plastic-related products for many years. This commitment to innovation has yielded gratifying results over the past three years. 

JINYOU's philosophy of being coordinated and shared is also evident in its support for an Industry-University-Research program concerning coated PTFE fiber. This program is supported by JINYOU and the Chinese Academy of Fishery Science and gets underway in December 2022. This program holds great significance for the application of PTFE and is a testament to JINYOU's commitment to being coordinated and shared. 

In February 2022, JINYOU reached an annual production capacity of 70 thousand PTFE filter bags and 1.2 thousand tons of heat exchange tubes with a total investment of 120 million CNY. This achievement won the "High-Quality Construction of Major Projects" award issued by the government of Nantong through the evaluation of "quality and efficiency", which is a testament to JINYOU's commitment to quality and efficiency in its operations. 

JINYOU's philosophy of being open is also evident in its focus on the PTFE industry. This focus has led to steady growth in market share. In July 2022, JINYOU was awarded the title of "Specialized Small Giant," which is a recognition of its success in the PTFE industry. 

As JINYOU forges ahead with strong confidence in R&D, we are proud to say we will keep sustained and sound development in future, usher in even brighter prospects, and make a contribution to a better world.


Post time: Dec-08-2022