Shanghai JINYOU’s Alliance with Innovative Air Management: Success at FiltXPO 2023

During the FiltXPO show in Chicago from October 10 to October 12, 2023, Shanghai JINYOU, in alliance with our USA partner Innovative Air Management (IAM), showcased our latest innovations in air filtration technologies. This event provided an excellent platform for JINYOU and IAM to strengthen our collaboration and establish stronger ties with local customers in North America. 

At the FiltXPO show, JINYOU and IAM presented a range of cutting-edge air filtration solutions, highlighting our commitment to sustainability, efficiency, and quality in the industry. The exhibition would have been an opportunity for us to demonstrate our expertise, engage with industry professionals, and explore new business opportunities.


The participation of Shanghai JINYOU and IAM at the FiltXPO show signifies our dedication to advancing air filtration technologies and expanding our presence in the North American market. By actively engaging with customers and industry peers during the event, JINYOU and IAM have likely gained valuable insights, established new connections, and reinforced our position as key players in the air filtration sector.

Overall, the FiltXPO show served as a significant platform for Shanghai JINYOU and IAM to showcase our capabilities, strengthen partnerships, and enhance our market presence in North America.


Post time: Oct-10-2023