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A full synthetic washable media, LH’s Bi-Component Spunbond Polyester has been engineered for strength and fine pore structure to produce high efficient filtration for the food industry, pharmaceuticals, powder coating, fine dust, welding smoke and more. The bi-component fibers add strength and abrasion resistance that will release dust over and over again, even under moist and humid conditions.

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In 2000, JINYOU made a significant breakthrough in the film-splitting technique and realized the mass production of stronger PTFE fibers, including staple fibers and yarns. This breakthrough allowed us to expand our focus beyond air filtration to industrial sealing, electronics, medicine, and the clothing industry. Five years later in 2005, JINYOU established itself as a separate entity for all PTFE material research, development and production.

Today, JINYOU has received worldwide acceptance and has a staff of 350 people, two production bases respectively in Jiangsu and Shanghai covering 100,000 m² land in total, headquarters in Shanghai, and 7 representatives on multiple continents. We annually supply 3500+ tons of PTFE products and nearly a million filter bags for our clients and partners in diverse industries throughout the world. We have also developed local representatives in the United States, Germany, India, Brazil, Korea, and South Africa.


Product Description

A water and oil repellent treatment makes this Bi-Component Spunbond Polyester great for applications that require shedding of water and oil based particulates. Engineered for strength and fine pore structure, the HO treatment adds filter life for those tough humid applications. The bi-component fibers increase strength and abrasion resistance that will release dust over and over again, even under extreme moist and humid conditions.


● Industrial Air Filtration

● Environmental Pollution

● Steel Mills

● Coal Burning

● Powder Coating

● Welding

● Cement 



● Introducing our revolutionary new product - 2K Polyester with Aluminum Anti-Static Coating! This innovative filter element is specifically designed to provide excellent electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection, ensuring safe and efficient operation even in high risk environments.

● A unique aluminum anti-static coating on our two-part polyester helps maintain a neutral charge, minimizing the build-up of negative ions and static activity that can lead to dangerous sparks and fires. Our bonding process is designed to stop particles with high KST values ​​from igniting and exploding, giving you peace of mind and confidence in your operations.

● But it doesn't stop there. Our advanced bi-component fibers add extra strength and abrasion resistance, meaning your filter will release neutralized dust time after time even under extreme operating conditions. This enhanced durability means less downtime for replacement and maintenance, increasing efficiency and productivity.

● The benefits of our two-component polyester with aluminum antistatic coating go far beyond safety and durability. The superior mechanical strength and consistent filtration performance of the filter elements ensures longer service life and lower total cost of ownership. With its easy-to-clean design, keeping your filtration system in top condition has never been easier or more cost-effective.

● Whether you are in a manufacturing, process industry, or any other industry where ESD protection and safety are critical, our two-component polyesters with aluminum antistatic coatings are the ideal solution. Don't take unnecessary risks in your operation - choose the best and experience the benefits for yourself!

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